Daniele Profeta is an Italian architect and designer. He is currently Assistant Professor at Syracuse University School of Architecture.

He received a Master of Architecture from Princeton University, and completed his undergraduate studies between La Sapienza University in Rome and KTH School of Architecture in Stockholm, where he graduated with Honors.

In the past Daniele has worked in internationally renowned architecture offices, ranging from experimental design practices such as Mark Foster Gage Architects in New York and P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S in Los Angeles, to larger firms such as Studio Fuksas in Rome. This allowed him to work on a variety of projects ranging from small-scale installations to international competitions as well as large developments in the Middle East and in Asia.

His current research explores the potential of digital mapping as a practice of world-building, one that allows to collapse heterogeneous forms of information to develop a thicker understanding of the contemporary architectural discourse. Daniele’s past projects range from investigative geography to construct spatial histories within the context of Guatemala’s civil war, to projective narratives speculating on the role that contemporary surveying technologies have in shaping the political landscape of our cities.

Daniele is currently collaborating with Maya Alam on the research project ‘Media Interference’, reflecting on the possibilities of contemporary media environments for practices of adaptive re-use.

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